Have your say over Bank Street

TUCKED away in the Public Notices section of the paper last week was a county council notice which some have been expecting for a long time – that they are proposing to close Bank Street to vehicles.

There are obviously mixed views in the town over this; various letters in the past have been for and against the move. To people living in the area bounded by Thorold Street, Norfolk Street and Wormgate this street is a quick exit to John Adams Way via the Market Place, instead of having to go all the way round via Bargate or Lister Way.

It also means visitors to that area for shopping (yes, there are still shops in Red Lion Street) don’t have to retrace their steps – it’s an easy way out.

Some say vehicles go too fast down the street, but that’s no reason to stop them altogether – why not put speed bumps down? And before you say that will spoil the look of the cobbles, it can’t destroy the look as much there as the ‘refurbishment’ has done in the Market Place.

You have until July 18 to get your objection in to the county, so if you still want to use the street, get it in quickly. Mind you, as it’s the county council and Boston is involved, they’ve probably already made their minds up what’s best for us!

L I actually used Bank Street myself last week – more by luck than judgement, as I’ve seen no announcement anywhere, including this paper, that it was open again.

Turning into the Market Place I was amazed by all the cars which had obviously parked ‘illegally’. The arc in front of the Stump appeared full, and in some areas on the other side there appeared to be double parking. Just when is someone going to get it sorted? Nobody, county or borough, seems to want to get anything done – unless, of course, there’s a photo opportunity available for someone.

L Isn’t it a little ironic that all the flooding at the moment seems to be miles away from us? You know, the number one area likely to get flooded! I realise that the rain may have been a lot heavier in the areas affected but it does seem to make a mockery of our title, does it not?