Help us find the best way forward

I AM responding to the letter last week from Pam Kenny, referring to the green waste kerbside collection pilot that Boston Borough Council are running from August 1 to early November.

Please can I reassure her and everyone else the trial is being run with an open mind on a cost-neutral basis to gather information to inform us of the best way to move forward with waste collection in the future, so that we can provide the people of the borough with a service they want in an operationally and cost effective way.

When this was discussed at the recent joint scrutiny committee the large majority of councillors, including all the Labour members, whose views Pam purports to represent, supported the running of this pilot in this form with a view to making a fully informed decision in November when we have all of the facts to hand.

I was therefore surprised to read they now had preconceived ideas of how we should move forward before a bin or a bag has been collected on the trial.

I accept that it is complicated at first but whatever we do with green waste would involve mixed collections, some on a green bin week and some on a recyclables week.

Once people understand what is collected and when, I am sure they will embrace the trial and let us have their feedback on how it is working for them so we can judge the best way forward for the future.


Deputy leader and waste services portfolio holder