I have started a new life

I LIVE in Boston for three years.

Until today, I felt safe. Maybe my worrying is not justified but I’m just a human...

I am someone who did not grow up here, who arrived here only thinking about the job. At the beginning of my stay I did not think I will be here longer than one year. Plans changed when I became pregnant and had a baby. I started a family here in Boston. I thought that Boston is also part of my city.

Here I have just started a new life. I do not know whether better or worse. I’ve heard about the protests against immigrants, but never so close. This was not so real to me as now.

Of course I can understand the man who organised the protest. He is a citizen of this country, has always been and now it is not the same. But I do not understand how he can say the English in their own country are second-class citizens.

That makes no sense.

The English will always be at home here. This is because the English are not immigrants from anywhere. They have their homes, families, the graves of departed loved ones and everything that immigrants can not have because they left it in the countries whence they came. As to the type of work in the UK done by immigrants, it is also not as colourful. Everyone works hard, perseveres with it for the main. I know a few English people (I can count on the fingers of both hands) who have to work such as immgrants. Anyway, I do not judge. 

I cannot blame anyone for fighting for their rights.

I want just to make understood the immigrants are everywhere. Some are here for the moment, others stay for good. Like places are different, people too are not the same. How do you know if someone is bad or good if you do not know them?

My questions are these: What will be on November’s protest and the parade? Do all immigrants need to vanish from England? Should they return to their countries?

After all someone needs to work in the field to collect leeks, cabbage or broccoli, someone has to stand on a production line in a food or flowers factory, someone has to clean up public toilets.

In my opinion, the protest might harm immigrants. There will always be someone who will still take this as racism. 

I fear this and that I will be pelted with insults just because my English is not perfect.

I fear that my child will look at the hostile attitude of man to man.

The truth is it is hard to think of a future which involves only fear.