It definitely wasn’t us who asked for a pay rise

UNDER a sub heading ‘The Dirty Dozen’ in Wednesday’s (August 29) Daily Mail, Boston heads the list of the largest increase in councillor pay but it gives the impression that it was the BBI who voted this increase in.

Can I please assure your readers that this was definitely not the case. This increase was voted through when the Conservative group took control after May 2011. Furthermore during the whole period of the BBI administration no increases in councillor pay took place.

In addition, during our time in office we were one of the very few councils in the whole of the UK that stopped increases in council taxes.

The only time this administration stopped an increase in council taxes was because of government diktat. Indeed, at the last budget presentation by the BBI the current leader, Coun Bedford argued that council taxes should be increased!

To be fair to the current administration, Boston councillor pay is amongst the lowest in the UK but does this still justify such a huge increase during a recession and when the council’s finances are in such a dire position?


Portfolio holder for finance & governance during the BBI administration