It’s an ‘accident waiting to happen’


I feel compelled to write and add comment to the many you already have as it’s an accident waiting to happen or disaster if it’s a death. Parking and traffic in the area is a mess and the council/highways officers appear intransigent to do anything about it.

I have witnessed a woman with three children in panic as a car tried to drive through the market square on a Saturday. It was a close call. Fortunately the child was not injured. Frightened unnecessarily, yes.

Mobility scooter drivers ‘harassed’ by buses. Indeed the buses travelling through to Wide Bargate is a mess. What are the rules? Some drive one handed I have seen three in last two weeks drive this way. They either have arm on window or right hand on the de-activation switch for their speed. That’s not safe with so many pedestrians around. Some buses enter the square when the market is in full swing and don’t put on the warning buzzers and really slow until they reach the cut through. I have seen others put on the buzzers then turn them off again until they reach the cut through. Others don’t bother at all. That said some drivers are careful and really safe in the exemplary way they drive through good on them. I have seen some turn off the hazard lights and speed up before exiting the cut into Wide Bargate. You can tell as the engine note raises as they speed up. The area still has signs saying pedestrian-only area just to confuse people. Come on council/ highways and health and safety officers get a grips and sort it properly before someone is badly injured or killed.

PS we started taking pictures of incidents/bad practices.