Jubilee events in park did not impress me

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THROUGH your letters page, I would like to ask a question of our local councillors. Who was responsible for the organisation of the Jubilee festivities in the town?

We took a walk into Central Park to experience what had been organised and left thoroughly unimpressed. To say it was disappointing is an understatement!

Although we appreciate there will have been those who enjoyed it, it took us longer to walk into the park than it did to walk round all that was on offer. It had all the hallmarks of something that had been in our opinion very poorly put together, which is saddening, especially as there had been so much build up to this nationwide event.

It is our view that much more effort could have been made to celebrate the day, and of the street parties we saw, much effort had been made, but it seems our council set the task of organising the celebrations to the work experience student.

To further add to our dismay, imagine our disappointment when at 9.45pm we arrived at Skirbeck to watch the lighting of the Boston Fire Beacon...only to find that again the council had failed on this easy task. The beacon was swathed in darkness and stood glumly on the horizon, lit only by the moon. Why was this feature not used?

Frampton lit theirs, as did many other villages around Boston, but sadly ours stood unused.

Is the council even aware that we have a beacon?

I am sure that there will be reasons for the poor effort, funding deficit, weather, cost of security and stewards, liability insurance, logistical challenges, risk assessments will I am sure be suggested, but when one looks at what potential we could have done, a band stand maybe, like the town park used to have, a carnival, a stage for local bands to showcase, include more activities?

Perhaps we should plan now for the next major event, so that hopefully Boston can have a proper party!

Yours saddened but fatefully optimistic.


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