Let’s not spend another penny on the PRSA

I SEE the Conservatives and Boston Bypass Independent party (BBI) are fighting over future funding to the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

How hypocritical - the BBI approach is that at the last local elections in 2007 they said they would stop funding to PRSA immediately, and are saying now it will stop in 2013/14 - actions speak louder than words.

They have maintained a nought per cent council tax rise in the last few budgets but they try to gloss over the fact they have pumped hundreds of thousands of pounds into the PRSA and then written off a loan of £1.9 million which was owed to Boston Borough Council by the PRSA/Boston Sports Initiative.

The Conservative Party actually were the party who pumped millions of pounds into the PRSA in the first place, and were the ones who gave the loan of £1.9 million even though other councillors tried to say we wouldn’t get our money back.

So the Tories are as hypocritical as the BBI. It was them who created the white elephant to start with and now they can’t even give the people of Boston an answer as to whether they would stop the funding.

In fact all they have done in the last four years is voted with the BBI budget proposals to keep giving more money to PRSA.Can I make it clear the Labour Party has never supported the enormous amounts of money being paid to PRSA and could not envisage voting for another penny being spent after May.

Paul Kenny

Bradford Road