Let’s test council critic’s brainpower

WHEN a former anonymous, self-appointed critic of Boston Borough Council, Malcolm Swire, describes councillors as dim, he is denigrating the voters who elected them.

All elected councillors know full well the boundaries of their wards, not only through canvassing but, if they appreciated the support they received, they keep in contact with their constituents through surgeries and ward visits.

When he quips that it is unlikely to raise the collective IQ when there will be two fewer councillors after the next election, he assumes that will mean two fewer Conservative.

He obviously considers himself bright, as he never runs out of arguments against everything the council does. If he thinks some should not be in office, why doesn’t he stand next time to replace one of them? I challenge him to any IQ or Mensa test he chooses. Let’s see how bright he is.

Coun Paul Mould