Letter: £450,000 could be better spent...

OF the seven letters you published regarding the proposed Market Place revamp, six (from local residents) were against and just one (from a councillor) was in favour!

Does this not say something to the council? That ratepayers don’t want it.

I visited the exhibition tent to view the plans and asked why it was necessary to do yet another revamp, after only a couple of years since the last one, at a cost to Boston of £450,000.

The replies I got was that if the council didn’t pay that amount they would lose the grants from Lincolnshire County Council, Europe and English Heritage (so what, let it be spent on something we want); the Market Place hadn’t been revamped for 40 years (think someone got a date wrong there); and it was expected to attract more visitors to the town (oh right, I can see the queues down London Road and Sleaford Road already).

In answer to my suggestion this £450,000 could be spent on better things in the town I was informed it could not be spent on anything else as it was ‘ring-fenced’ for regeneration.

If that’s the case why not ‘regenerate’ some of the areas of the town that need it? Surely something can be found without looking too far.

Over the years successive councils have made several mistakes: the loss of the fishing fleet in the 1920s, the decision to go with the inner relief road, and the Princess Royal Sports Arena readily come to mind. If they go ahead with this scheme, it will be yet another mistake – until the next revamp, that is.


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