LETTER: Any of the expensive London projects could have finally funded Boston’s bypass


The Government has just announced a £15 billion programme to build new roads and tunnels in various areas across Britain. Stonehenge will get a tunnel to relieve congestion on the A303 and there is talk of a further tunnel under Woodhead between Sheffield and Manchester.

This is in addition to motorway widening schemes and a whole bunch of other projects.

Sadly it was poor old Lincolnshire – the forgotten county – that missed out yet again.

One has to wonder whether there is any political motive behind these constant knock-backs.

When Queen Elizabeth II formally opened the Humber Bridge on June 24, 1981, it was hailed as the greatest single span bridge in the world and a game changer for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Heavy vehicles could now get to Norfolk and the Fens unhindered by either little country roads or a massive detour inland and down the A1 via Newark.

In truth the bridge changed very little and it is arguably a white elephant.

It serves only local folk wishing to get to the other side, whereas it should form part of the national road network, linking Humberside to the east and south east.

What a shame this is because with a better, faster, transport corrider along its route the bridge would have paid for itself many times over, attracting more traffic.

Heavy lorries are lucky to achieve nine miles per gallon of diesel and to travel from Hull or Immingham via Doncaster to get to Boston puts £70 on the return journey.

Going directly south from the M180 would save over 50 miles each way, not to mention journey time. So it is a no-brainer; the Humber Bridge needs a continuation to beyond the A17 south of Boston.

Poor old Boston! If ever a rapidly-growing multi-cultural town needed a relief road to alleviate the daily nightmare for travellers this is it.

Why they keep being knocked back for this vital road can only be political.

Perhaps Lincolnshire County Council resent them having it because they see Lincoln as the jewel in the crown and they prefer to fight for the completion of the eastern and southern ring roads before even considering Boston? It makes one wonder!

Maybe the town MP doesn’t shout loud enough in Parliament? Maybe the people of Boston aren’t vocal enough? Who knows!

Perhaps the answer is simply that Boston is too far away from London and not considered important enough. Spending all the money on Crossrail, a third runway for Heathrow, HS2 and a new sewerage system for London - amongst many other projects – is far more important than worrying about the daily misery of a few Boston Pilgrims and their turnip fields!

If it were possible, I would like to see a new continuous road running from the M180 at junction 5 via Middle Rasen, Wragby, Horncastle through to a Boston bypass and down to the A17.

This would transform the enntire eastern counties and be a major winner to Hull and Immingham, who Goerge Osborne is always banging on about. Perhaps it is Hull itself that is backwards at coming forward over this issue.Hull on the north bank and Immingham on the south bank stand to benefit from a new road more than anyone - more so than even Boston.

In addition to the above mentioned London projects there is a further £175 million earmarked for a garden foootpath across the Thames between Temple and the South Bank, another £141 million for a cultural and education centre at Olympic Park, £150 million for housing revamp across four London boroughs and another £200 million to buy 500 new buses for the capital.

Great news for London but, alas, too bad for the minnows in the provinces.

Any single one of these projects would have paid for Boston’s vital bypass. It makes you think.

J. Gaskell