LETTER: Are we in it together Mark Simmonds?

Many thanks to The Observer (Boston Standard 25/09/2013 ) for his article regarding our MP’s expenses.

The bottom line is the combined total of Mr Simmonds salary and expenses is approx £4.4k per week.

In his response he gave no evidence of what he actually does or has done to justify this expense in delivering his constituents of Boston and Skegness a ‘good service’. His main thrust was the increased cost of his staffing who Mr Simmonds again claims give a ‘good service’.

One new item on his expenses which will be welcomed by many constituents is the appointment of a office manager. This gives his constituents who do not receive a good service a new point of contact and should go some way to improving the efficiency of his office .

I think it is rather arrogant of Mr Simmonds to judge for himself that he is delivering a good service, I suggest he details at greater length to his constituents what he does for us in return for the £238k he takes from the tax payer a year, after all come 2015 it will be the voter who decides if indeed he his giving value for money.

As suggested by Observer many vulnerable claimants like the elderly and the disabled are receiving cuts. Many workers in this area are on zero hour contracts, also many are working longer hours for the same pay, a large percentage of the population are on minimum pay...and not let us forget the people having to rely on the food banks.

Can Mr Simmonds explain to these people how ‘we are all in it together’?

Peter J. Walmsley