Letter: BBI has not been caught napping on the issue of better roads

THE road widening scheme that’s due for completion this spring will reduce traffic congestion in Boston.

That’s why the Boston Bypass Independents group backed it, but only after many modifications to the original plan. However an outer relief road is still needed.

For decades virtually every local Conservative manifesto has called for a bypass for Boston but to little or no effect. They’re still asleep, simply bleating ‘What no Bypass!’

By contrast BBI have achieved what they promised in 2007, namely to bring public demand for better roads to the attention of all levels of government. Winning 78 per cent of the council seats helped achieve this goal. Next BBI lobbied and got a Parliamentary debate. BBI then set about short-term traffic flow improvement by securing removal of traffic lights and crucial modifications to the road widening scheme, as well as getting more people onto buses.

An ‘understanding’ has been agreed with Lincolnshire County Council to progress plans for an outer relief road. The county’s traffic survey controversially concluded there was insufficient through traffic in Boston to justify a bypass, a ‘distributor’ road would be more appropriate. Plans are now being considered in conjunction with developers for the start of one to the west of Boston.

Development in Boston has been stifled because of policies regarding flood risk; an issue that BBI is tackling. The Boston 200 Exhibition enabled the borough to demonstrate that flood risk here, in Boston, is much less than elsewhere on the east coast. Now the Environment Agency is softening its attitude. Sadly Conservative councillors boycotted the event!

So who is asleep? Certainly not the BBI.

Coun Richard Austin

Leader of the BBI