Letter: BBI party have broken their promises to Boston

I READ with interest the letter from the leader of the Boston Bypass Independent party.

When they were elected in 2007 it was on a promise of ‘a bypass for Boston’ but what has really happened?

The switching off of the traffic lights and road improvements were already agreed by the previous administration.

Within the election leaflets the BBI got elected on – they rejected the present road improvements as being a total waste of money.

They then talk about the parliamentary debate. The Minister suggested they should put a strong case to the region that had been given money to develop road schemes in the East Midlands region.

The B1073 – Crowland bypass was agreed: an eastern bypass for Lincoln was put forward but not funded. No proposal for a bypass or distributor road for Boston was ever put forward and Lincolnshire County Council has no firm proposals for Boston.

This fund has now been scrapped and all money comes from central government.

So are the BBI going to ask the Tory Government for funding for a bypass?

The BBI seem to be full of hot air. The last four years have not been successful. They still put money into Dabsi/PRSA even though they said they wouldn’t.

They told us they were going to refurbish the swimming pool, they haven’t.

They had two extremely bad verdicts from the Audit Commission for housing and cultural services.

What are they promising us?

Is it time for change?

Paul Kenny

Bradford Road