LETTER: Big thank you to all who helped


The last few days have seen a great deal of hardship for many in Boston.

The unprecedented deluge that Thursday brings to light the real nature of humanity in Boston.

Soon after the the high tide turned my wife and daughter and I were in my restaurant trying to salvage as much as possible when two young people passing by came to our help.

They helped us move furniture upstairs and rip up sodden carpets which were extremely heavy with water. Another man worked tirelessly too and secured extension leads so that fridges and freezers could be reconnected.

In the morning, the efforts of Carol Taylor, our local councillor, and Paul Kenny, the Mayor of Boston, and many volunteers provided real help to many of the businesses in Church Street.

The work of the fire brigade pumping out cellars and the council workman who cleaned Church Street all need to be thanked for their great effort. Not forgetting the electrician for connecting all the Christmas tree lights and bringing Church Street back to life. Less than 24 hours after the flood, Church Street was beginning to make a return and made the switching on ceremony by the mayor a positive memory. A big thanks to everyone.

David Wilson

Churches Restaurant