LETTER: Boston Borough Council should pay the living wage


Boston Labour councillors support the TUC call on all councils in the UK to join hundreds of councils that have already agreed to pay the living wage.

As well as benefitting 250,000 low paid workers in local government the benefits also spread to local communities as council workers spend more than half their earnings in their local area, says the TUC.

The updated living wage rates are £7.65 for the UK and £8.80 for London.

We are disappointed that Boston Borough Council has still not signed up to the living wage. In fact a lot of its staff have taken a pay cut and working will now pay less if you work for Boston Borough Council.

Our leading Tory councillors tell us that our staff are happy to work for less. The truth of the matter is that our staff are not happy to voice their concerns in case they are singled out.

If Boston Borough Council does actually believe that the local community is important it should follow the lead set by other local authorities like North Kesteven and Lincoln and pay the living wage.

This would show that it value its staff and would recognise that the extra earnings the staff would be paid would be ploughed back into Boston’s local economy.

Why should we employ staff and then expect them to have to claim benefits to top up their wages and survive, because we can’t pay them an adequate wage from the start?

This is shameful to them and the local economy.

Boston Labour councillors