LETTER: Boston compares badly to Retford


I recently visited the small town of Retford and was greatly impressed.

The pedestrian area (no traffic here) was paved in block paving of red and black with images of a cockerel, galloping horses, bowl of fruit etc, every step was interesting and cheerful.

What a pity that whoever designed our Market Place didn’t think a bit deeper about what could have been done which, overall, is grey, barren uninteresting and getting depressingly dirtier each day that passes. Does it ever get cleaned by the council? The pavement near Boots is so stained it is disgusting. The only redeemeing feature is the five lamps.

Also, the bus station at Retford is a delight. A waiting area under cover with red and stainless steel, adequate seating, toilets etc all clean and in working order. I feel quite ashamed of our bus station - it’s filthy. The seating areas are very shabby and don’t look as they have ever been cleaned. Goodness knows what people must think when they come from the railway station to catch a bus.

What about people on community service? Why not get them going out with a bucket of water and brush?

Mrs V Johnson