Letter: Boston does not have anything to attract people

READING the plans on the front page of the Boston Standard did not fill me with optimism for the economic future of Boston.

A town centre has to have a certain something which can act as a magnet to visitors and I am not sure that Boston has that.

Let us ask questions about our town centre.

1 Is it an easy matter to reach the town centre? No.

2 Are there many historic buildings to see and visit? Only one or two.

3 Is there quality shopping in the centre? There’s Oldrids.

4 Is it a good place to park one’s car? Not really because car parking is just adequate at best and will be worsened by the removal of 70 parking spaces in the Market Place.

5 Does Boston have any free parking? There’s a shoppers parking area off West Street with a 90-minute limit.

6 Won’t the Five Lamps feature attract visitors? You must be joking.

If we wish to shop in town we must allow 20 minutes to get there.

If we chose to go by bus we would need to walk a mile-and-a-half into Kirton to catch one. Who would enjoy the return walk, carrying shopping? We end up trying to avoid shopping in Boston.

John Duckworth

Ralphs Lane

Kirton End