LETTER: Boston has some of the best young musicians in the country


We have some of the best young musicians in the country.

In November the Lincolnshire choir and wind orchestra, consisting of many young Boston musicians, played at the Royal Albert Hall.

Boston Youth Pop Choir were finalists in the national Music for Youth Festival in 2012. Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra have won national awards and also played at RAH.

I would challenge anyone to find a more committed, talented and dedicated bunch of individuals anywhere in the country that could surpass those in Boston.

The Lincolnshire Music Service is second to none and, with Boston as its base, I utterly refute the statement made by some know it all linking music to income per capita. Scientific research? I think not...

Our town has a lot to be proud of, especially our musical talent. Let’s stop people bashing us down and get them to understand the talent we have...

Mark Whelan

via email