LETTER: Business knowledge seems in short supply on the council

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Many councillors, when seeking election, claim that they will run the council properly as ‘they are business people’.

It seems that real business people on our council are in short supply.

How many business people would cut the number of parking spaces in an obviously popular area, especially at a time when said area needs all the shoppers it can get? They also propose to close three ‘underused’ car parks. Surely they would be used more if charges were reduced and then, if necessary, offer cheaper season tickets for residents and/or workers travelling to Boston for employment?

How many business people increase the price of their product then whine when they lose out to their competitors, Coun Richmond? You only pay lip service to wanting to attract more shops and shoppers to Boston for you deter buyers with ever increasing parking charges while only giving unrealistically short periods of time for shopping, so diverting customers to out of town supermarkets or to surrounding towns. I wonder, too, how evening and weekend parking charges have affected those businesses that rely on that trade. Does the extra income even cover staff costs?

It is taking a long time for Boston to lose its reputation for having long traffic queues. Attract people back to the town. Make headline news, as many other towns are doing, and cut parking charges, even gradually would do. Surely, this would be good for Boston? It would be interesting to see what impact this would have on the private car parks’ charges too.

I would not want to be a councillor today, given Government restrictions. But, anyone can see that it isn’t best financial practice to rely on parking revenue - hardly a reliable basis for accurate budgeting. Ideally, charges should only cover parking costs with enough over to even out the income each year.

Unfortunately, it is not an ideal world, but how can our councillors live with themselves? They extort nearly £1 million each year from local motorists then complain if enough cash doesn’t come in, though it is their own actions that have caused much of the problem.

It may not be popular in some quarters but, bite the bullet, councillors! A modest increase year on year in council tax would have placed the burden on all Boston’s residents. This daylight robbery is just another example of those in power seeing the motorist as an easy target just as Governments already do with road tax and fuel tax.