LETTER: Come on Mr Newton, think again on The Quadrant


RE: Quadrant. It would seem your headline of the percentage of people in favour of this development was a little off.

Only 419 people bothered to respond to start with. The population of Boston is around 64,000 give or take, so this is hardly a fair estimate of how many people are in favour.

Anyone reading Chestnut Homes’ consultation outcomes could smile. It says improvements to Boston, what about the residents of Wyberton? How will this scheme bring improvements to traffic and transport? It states further on ‘but may contribute to a longer-term solution for some of the traffic flow issues in and around Boston’. It’s going to be a road to nowhere!

The size of the stadium has now gone up to 5,000, bet there are nowhere near enough spaces for parking?

So watch out residents of Tytton Lane you will not be able to get out of your drives on match days. As far as impacts on local area are concerned, how can having a huge stadium in the middle of countryside not have an impact, let alone 500 houses. The retail side will take trade from the town centre! More leisure outlets! What, more coffee shops?

Are there not enough fast food and coffee houses already?

We may need more houses but not overkill just to finance a stadium that should be the otherside of town.

Another roundabout on the A16 just to let the supporters leave and stop the flow of traffic into town.

Come on Mr Newton, think again.

Wyberton Quadrant Action Group

(see our Website, ‘thefutureofwyberton’)