LETTER: Common sense should prevail on Quadrant


Commiserations to the anti-Quadrant gang in Wyberton after the hugely embarrassing defeat in their referendum on one of the best developments the Boston area has seen for years, reported in today’s Standard (June 25).

Despite the campaigners claiming this to be a huge issue for Wyberton, 82 per cent made their feelings clear that it doesn’t bother them one bit by failing to vote at all.

Surely if it was such a big issue they make out more people would of rushed to the vote?!

Let’s hope common sense now prevails and Boston Borough Council make the only sensible decision open to them and approve this development in keeping with the wishes of majority of people in the Boston area who feel it is desperately need it.

The tiny few who oppose it could always then go and move to some other backwater where their outdated views and lack of foresight would be more appreciated and where they won’t be troubled by developments most people want.

S Darby