LETTER: Confirming our stance on the Quadrant


I find it hard to believe, much less understand, why so few people attended last week’s Chamber of Commerce meeting in the Assembly Rooms which was organised by the Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of this meeting was, specifically, to gauge the opinion of the people of Boston regarding the highly controversial Wyberton `Quadrant’ development proposal. It must be said that the discussion, surprisingly very short, was at least considerate and respectful, for that we should be thankful.

We, as a group, have no reservation in re-confirming for everyone in this borough the following:

The Wyberton Quadrant Action Group, believes and supports the view that Boston United is an important and valuable economic and social asset for Boston. It is our wish and desire to see they continue, and prosper into the very distant future.

Our only reservations, and indeed the single core of our concern, is the choice of the re-location site being promoted – alongside, though not physically attached to – an extensive but, for now, only an outline planning proposal for residences and commerce.

In the case of this related development, there is as yet no tangible detail or progress, but, without doubt, serious concerns and reservations are being displayed by the people of Wyberton towards this section of the proposal.

We must stress, however, that despite differing opinions and views, we are satisfied that the overwhelming and reasonable opinions of both sides, have been put forward and received, in a fair, reasoned and respectful way. We will continue to support that ethos unreservedly.

Brian Rush

Wyberton Quadrant Action Group