LETTER: Could you be a life-saver?


When someone has a heart attack, or more precisely a cardiac arrest, the patient usually needs speedy help to restart the heartbeat.

The overstretched ambulance and LIVES service often have difficulty in responding in time.

For this reason, the local Heart and Lung Foundation committee based at Pilgrim Hospital have generously donated a defibrillator for the people of Wyberton.

This will be used by trained volunteers from the general public. Now these volunteers need to be recruited and trained in its use. If anyone would like more information please phone 01205 260609 or email: wdepear.clerk@internet.com

The defibrillator will be mounted on an outside wall, in a secure box, that can be accessed 24/7 by the trained personnel.

Wyberton Parish Council is now exploring the possibility of it being sited on the frontage of the Spar Shop in Parthian Avenue. This is a well-lit central location.

Coun Richard Austin

Wyberton Parish Council