Letter: Council has a civic duty to provide festive event

YOUR readers will be aware all across the country at this time of year councils are turning on Christmas lights but you couldn’t make up the fiasco of the turning on of the lights in Boston.

It all started when our local radio station were asking all the councils about their plans to turn on the lights.

When Skegness were asked, they had organised a festive evening with all the characters you expect at Christmas. When Boston was asked – their reply was an electrician was going to turn them on at 3pm on Thursday.

Within 12 hours BBC Lincolnshire had got a story going between Boston and Skegness about turning on the lights, and to BBC Lincolnshire’s credit they offered to organise a fanfare over the radio to the switch-on on Friday.

Boston in their e-bulletin are raving about this innovative way of turning on their lights and trying to kid us that it wasn’t bah humbug!

But I think it is shameful they have treated such an important event on our calendar with such contempt.

Where was the community involvement in this event – all the children were still at school and they have denied all of our citizens the opportunity to celebrate the start of our festive season.

Some people may not see this as an important issue but I think this shows a lack of community leadership and shows us that we have a council which has no vision, and is out of touch and there is a change needed in Boston.

The people of Boston deserve a council that treats such events as the Christmas light switch-on as a civic duty.

So what would you score the council over their commitment to turning on the Christmas lights – zero - with no prospects to improve.

Paul Kenny

Bradford Road