LETTER: Council have surrendered in face of Central Park issues


Last summer following complaints about anti-social behaviour (drunkeness, litter, urinating etc) along Witham Bank West between the Sluice Bridge and Irby Street, rightly or wrongly the easier option was taken and the public seating was removed thus robbing many people of their enjoyment spending some time sitting and looking at the river and the Stump.

Following recent articles in The Standard it seems we have again surrendered in the face of more anti-social behaviour in the Central Park – excessive drinking and urinating in the bushes resulting in the closing times being brought forward.

All citizens and their children are once again being deprived of their enjoyment in the long summer evenings due to the unacceptable behaviour of a hardcore of street drinkers.

Is it not time to confront these issues which are largely encouraged by the ever-increasing availability of cheap booze?

I do realise there are no easy solutions but the public authorities must take action and those individuals who ignore the law must be prosecuted.

Our public spaces and amenities must be safeguarded so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s time for decisive action – enough is enough.

J. Peck