LETTER: Council needs to be honest with public over street drink rules

All sections of Boston Borough Council supported the introduction of a Public Space Prohibition Order (public consumption of alcohol order) for relevant parts of our town.

There were however some councillors who, in the interest of honesty, asked for a ‘health warning’ to be attached to the announcement of the order to the public.

This warning was thought by some to be necessary in the light of comments from our Chief Constable Neil Rhodes as reported in the national press on the same day as council.

While reference at council was made to oblique assurances on policing of the order given by the Chief Constable in November, the portfolio holder and his Conservative colleagues were unable to accept that the same person is now, in December, saying that there is to be possibly a £10.4 million cut in his budget. This, the Chief Constable is quoted as saying, could mean a loss of hundreds of front line police - bobbies and PCSOs on the beat - on whom the enforcement of the scheme must surely depend.

Council members who, while welcoming the order, asked for all relevant facts to be made public were ‘told off’ by the leader of the council for being negative.

But that’s politics for you. When one party asks for honesty the opposite side call it negativity if it so suits them.

Richard Leggott

Independent councillor