LETTER: Council should refuse to pay up for Market Place

We, The Boston Disability Forum, are writing to you (the borough council) in regards to the £0.5 million budget contribution being held at Boston Borough Council ready to pay the county council towards the Market Place regeneration.

We urge you, on the behalf of the public in Boston, not to pay these funds as the work is clearly not yet finished.

Some remedial work needs to be done to make the space usable by the disabled and elderly community. Everyone has a right to enjoy the space which has been created but too much emphasis on the look of the space has resulted in users already reporting trips and falls. Those with visual impairments are struggling to find their way around the space due to lack of contrast. Inclines are tipping wheelchair users, trying to lead an independent life, out of their chairs!

You have a duty of care to make these people safe.

Also, the chaotic parking arrangements, lack of markings and how drivers are using the space needs to be addressed, it’s just not working.

We urge you to manage the overseeing of this crucial time before the monies are transferred and someone is seriously injured.

Boston Disability Forum