LETTER: Council staff have got a poor deal


Boston Labour Councillors are not surprised that Boston Borough Council has failed to keep its word to its staff.

Just over three years ago, the council, in negotiation with staff, agreed mutually to suspend some of their entitlements around pay and conditions on the understanding that after two years, these would be reinstated.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that more than two years on, they have reneged on this deal. In fact, now, they want to make further savings from the staff’s pay and conditions.

You won’t be surprised if we tell you that both staff unions, GMB and Unison, consulted with their members and, as you can imagine, their members did not want to formally agree to lose more of their hard earned wages.

What is even more disappointing is that the report to councillors was written in such a way as to ensure there was no public scrutiny of this action meaning that members of the public and the press were denied the opportunity to be present at the meeting or see the paperwork that was being discussed.

This is a council that has shown, as for example by their recent over reaction to criticism in the local press, that they are not really prepared to be open and transparent.

We now know that they gave the staff no real option to negotiate at all – they’ve been told ‘you either sign up – or risk losing your job’. The morale of the staff is at an all time low.

The final deal put up to staff is one of the worst examples of employer/employee negotiations that we have ever seen.

Boston Labour councillors