LETTER: Councillors paid £1,000 to get award for themselves

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Have you seen the recent announcement that Boston Borough Council has joined an exclusive club of just 14 authorities out of 46 in the East Midlands to qualify for a Councillor Development Charter?

The award indicates that the council has achieved accreditation for development of its elected members and is committed to continued development to better help them fulfil all their varying roles.

An assessment team made up of East Midlands Council officers and councillors visited the borough council in December to conduct interviews with councillors and officers as the final stage of the process which had included self-assessment and submission of a portfolio of evidence.

Mainstays of the process included formation of a councillor development group and support from officers, councillors’ personal development plans and a member learning and development strategy and programme.

What your local Tory councillors forgot to tell you was that they paid over £1,000 to get this charter which means they have used your money to buy themselves an award, when they keep telling us all they have no money.

What else could we have spent this £1,000 on?

Yes a very exclusive club – opposition councillors views were completely ignored during the accreditation visit.

What is extremely disappointing is that when good ideas are put forward by opposition

members to the member’s development group, they are always rejected because the Tories are in the majority.

For example, Boston Labour councillors believe that the Boston Borough Council’s council member’s pages are not fit for purpose.

We would like to see a proper description of each councillor.

We also believe that all councillors should produce an annual report.

To date, we are the only councillors who have done this – see www.bostonlabour.org.uk.

Do you believe like us that when it comes to local elections, you should be able to see what your councillors have done for you?

Boston Labour concillors