LETTER: Danger road warning


I’d like to bring to your attention what I feel is an extremely dangerous situation at the Church Road and Fishtoft Road junction.

When pulling out of Church Road turning right onto Fishtoft Road it’s virtually impossible to see in both directions before taking your life into your hands and pulling out. I use this junction at least twice a day and have witnessed two accidents and too many near misses to mention.

The problem is that the double yellow lines do not extend far enough on both sides of the junctions and parked cars outside the houses on Fishtoft Road are obscuring the drivers line of vision in both directions.

When you then take into account the Skirbeck Gardens entrance, The Featherworks (Rectory Road) entrance and the increased number of children crossing the road due to the two new developments but no safe crossing point there are too many things to look out for as a driver and not enough time to do so safely.

Fishtoft Road is also not that wide at the point of the junction and Church Road is even narrower, so if you are exiting Church Road you can’t even inch out onto Fishtoft Road to see if there is anything coming as you will be in the direct path of traffic.

The only safe place to cross is about half a mile up the road where there is a zebra crossing outside Boston College which is too far to expect people to go to cross if on foot.

When planning permission was granted for The Featherworks site one of the conditions was that no works were to be commenced until improvements had been carried out to Fishtoft Road.

Chestnut Homes also made a donation of something like £400,000 to LCC Highways towards traffic calming/road improvements to Fishtoft Road. As far as I’m aware no improvements have been carried out so I wonder what this money was spent on? I’d be most grateful if someone in authority could take a look at the situation and take any necessary action.

Robin Alexander

Skirbeck Gardens, Boston