Letter: Development will attract visitors, students and business

I WAS a little saddened by the response to the proposed Market Place development.

There is no doubt we have wasted money on the redevelopment of about two years ago, which was not without its critics at the time.

However the tag ‘white elephant’ does not apply to what is going on now. This is not some project that will benefit a limited group of residents such as was the case with the Haven gallery or the Princess Royal Sports Arena. This development will benefit all residents who visit the town centre.

It seems to me there are two opposing opinions on the subject of investing in Boston, with very few shades of grey.

I moved to Boston and choose to stay in this wonderful market town with its fascinating architectural and human history.

Boston has the basis for an excellent and thriving community.

Boston College has a truly global intake which would be the envy of other comparable towns in Britain if indeed they have even heard about us.

Yet some seem unwilling to support a development which will help to create a town where the lifestyle, our lifestyle becomes a lifestyle of choice for others, attracting visitors, students and businesses alike.

I understand why some people think about the money above everything else. If we want to ensure we get a boost for the town to help us build a positive future, we need to invest.

For the borough’s investment we draw in over £2 million.

This is not going to be a tattoo and an earring approach to economic prosperity, it’s a haircut and a decent pair of shoes.

Coun Mike Gilbert