LETTER: ‘Disappointed’ over fire service cuts


We are extremely disappointed that Lincolnshire County Council has decided to cut the number of firefighters on each crew from five to four for smaller fires.

We believe that this decision is not in the interest of our local communities or in the interest of our fireman. People’s lives will be put at risk, and that is not just us saying it, but the Fire Brigade Union who said this cost-cutting move could put lives at risk. Locally we are particularly concerned with the large number of Houses in Multiple Occupation that we have within Boston. We are aware that some of the properties are not looked after in a safe way by their landlords, increasing the risk of fire. In fact such practices as overcrowding and bed hopping are regular practices in some of these houses. This decision to cut the fire services is misplaced. They are cutting the front line part of the fire service and that is going to impact on the safety of our communities.

Couns Paul Gleeson, Paul Goodale and Paul Kenny