LETTER: Does anyone have information on The Flaxborough Chronicles?

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I have just finished watching The Flaxborough Chronicles by Lincs born crime author Colin Watson on DVD.

What a treat to find this TV series and learn of the many books Colin wrote about the fictional Lincs town over 20 plus years. I read it is based on Boston, but is that a correct description? Does anybody know where the actual TV series was filmed? Why have the books been so forgotten over the years?

I am so pleased these crime novels by the fairly forgotten Colin Watson are now on DVD and hope his name makes a comeback into our literary lives with a republication of his books eventually. I was only 14 when this series was aired in 1977, so I must have been somewhere else or watching something else at the time, as they are quite new to me nearly 35 years later.

I look forward to any information about Colin Watson, his Flaxborough novels and the seven episode associated TV series in 1977.

Ian Payne

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