LETTER: Don’t let the vandals win


I have had to put pen to paper after reading last week’s story about the proposal to remove the bus shelters in Boston.

Since when did we decide we were going to let the vandals and perpetrators win?

Why not properly monitor the area and take the appropriate action - a hefty fine should send out a clear message.

I note there was the potential for a couple of ‘vandal proof’ shelters, but with no seats.

I know a lot of people who use the station, many elderly, and to deprive them of somewhere to sit is a sorry affair.

I also found it quite interesting that in the same week we had another borough councillor saying that they weren’t going to give in to vandalism, this in relation to the terrible arson incident at Witham Way Country Park.

This seems in stark contrast to the message being delivered over the bus shelters.

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