Letter: Don’t let your family suffer the pain of loss

RE Swimmers jumped from railway bridge, The Standard, December 15.

Perhaps the two lads who obviously think trespassing on a railway line is a joke would like to view my son Luther Storr’s memorial website and then they might understand the devastation their families could have suffered.

My son and his friend were both killed through similar actions, both of them aged 17.

The trauma that his siblings still suffer could never be put into words nor could the pain and grief of his friend’s family or that of the train driver involved.

Christmas Eve 2007 instead of festive celebrations, we were at the crematorium attending Luey’s funeral.

After months of waiting for an inquest the headlines in the papers read ‘Train track boys, deaths their own fault’, terrible words to use but true and for the rest of our lives we will agonise over those words.

Lads, don’t let your families have to endure a life sentence of grief that we ourselves have to live with - it won’t be just your lives that will be destroyed.

Barbara Halliday (Luey’s mum)