LETTER: Every town has a bypass except Boston

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My wife and I have just returned from motoring with a caravan to the Costa Brava, travelling through France and Spain.

On the Continent the roads were in good condition and gave trouble free motoring.

In Spain we came onto new roads, mainly dual carriageway, built in the last few years to bypass towns and villages smaller than Boston.

We then came back to the chaos in Boston.

If you travel from Grimsby through Boston to Dover, every town has a bypass except Boston.

No matter how much John Adams Way is bodged up there will always be problems in travelling to or through the town.

The only solution is a bypass.

If this situation existed on the Continent the EU would find the money, partly UK’s, to sort it out.

Hopefully our next MP will have some success in providing the answer.

J. B. Matthews

Whitehouse Lane, Boston