LETTER: Everyone has right to opinion on Quadrant


I was saddened to read one of your reader’s letters concerning the proposed Quadrant, referring to their insult to a group of people who oppose the build.

“The tiny few who oppose it could always then go and move to some other backwater where their outdated views and lack of foresight would be more appreciated and where they won’t be troubled by developments most people want.”

What a terrible insult to a group of people who have a democratic right to their opinion. Just because they are not in favour of the build does not mean they are wrong. The person who wrote the above needs to understand that insulting those who oppose the development serves no purpose other than expose their own aggressive attitude to others whose opinions differ from their own but are of equal value.

There are many people in favour of the build and the decision will be made by the planning committee on August 5. Everyone has the opportunity to apply for a ticket and to ask a question following the presentation. If anyone feels strongly for or against the development then they must speak up.

Whatever the outcome, it is important in the meantime to respect other peoples’ opinions and just because some do not agree with the project, they do not deserve to be insulted especially through the press.

Coun Carol Taylor (Independent)

Via email