LETTER: Exhibition was superb

I attended the Drill Hall on Main Ridge to visit one of the most unique displays and exhibitions I’ve ever seen in Boston. It is something that you expect to see in the newly remodelled Imperial War Museum in London.

This was brought to us by Michael Hallett and his gallant band of volunteers who put on this incredible display of Boston at war.

It was a part of Boston’s Great War commemoration of 1914 – 1918.

This was a two day display with the help of 25 platoon of Lincolnshire A.C.F who allowed them to use use their building.

Can I thank everyone who has put on this splendid display of memorabilia of the First World War.

It shows what kind of talent and skill that we have in Boston to put on this memorable two-day event. Let’s hope the people of Boston get behind them and let them take this project into our schools, colleges and other places in Boston.

I believe anybody who saw it will believe this is something not to miss and give you a real and true understanding of the people who served our country and Boston with pride and honour in the First World War. Finally, thank you for giving me and my wife the opportunity to see this amazing display of memorabilia.

Paul Kenny

Boston borough councillor