LETTER: Exit please


I read with some delight the latest contribution of Observer; such an uncanny knack of looking in two directions at the same time but seeing nothing.

He/she looks for the positives in the funding and then ‘supposes’ we should be grateful.

The work envisaged is an ‘improvement’ - his quotation marks not mine, suggesting he doesn’t really approve. But then, lest he ‘gives the wrong impression’, he says he is not against the plan, even though he thinks this will drive shops away.

Has Observer visited other tourist towns in the county? National chains love to be part of a heritage scene.

Thankfully Observer assures us of a spirit of not being negative - by hoping the scheme doesn’t go the way of similar suggestions that have failed.

Priceless, we could be looking at a potential Channel 4 comedy script.

How about a positive? There are people and organisations who do care for the future of Boston - enough to invest in the town.

Good to know Observer is not against the plans to improve signage, even though ‘Observing’ too many signs already, for having only two places in the town to visit.

Perhaps it is time for Observer to adopt a personal sign to show his support for the town. EXIT is readily available.

Mike Sharp

Via email.