LETTER: Figures show council’s parking plan is flawed


We now know that over the last two years Boston Borough Council’s parking strategy is flawed.

We are telling them that they should develop a policy which encourages people into their town.

From a recent report the council’s own figures are now telling us that they sold 26,000 fewer tickets this year compared to last year and 50,000 fewer than in 2011/12. This just shows that our Conservative councillors have no control of our parking strategy.

We keep telling them that people are using other towns to shop.

You only have to compare Skegness, Spalding or Peterborough with large numbers also going to Lincoln, to realise that people do a U-turn and not come to Boston for their shopping.

On September 3 at the environment and performance scrutiny committee the council will be discussing the parking charges issue.

Do we have a council with vision?

We suspect they are more interested in raising money from car parking charges than to encourage more people to come to our town.

Even their own Tory government are critical of local authorities who use car parking as a way of raising money.

Their existing policy just drives people from shopping in Boston and it is made worse in the chaotic Market Place where people are unsure where they are able to park without getting a parking fine, so they tend to avoid it.

It’s time that we put people at the top of our agenda when developing a parking strategy.

We don’t want Boston to end up as a ghost town.

This is without talking about toilets.

We are constantly being asked for better signage to direct people to existing toilets and we are now using shops to fill the gap of no toilets in our Market 

We wish our councillors would talk to people who come to the Market Place either for tourism or for shopping to realise the problems we have.

Boston Labour councillors