LETTER: Foreign vehicles should be registered


The government has been urged to clamp down on untaxed foreign vehicles after the RAC warned they were costing the UK millions of pounds a year.

About 60,000 foreign vehicles are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) every year. However, the RAC recently said an estimated 15,000 others are not, which it said amounts to about £3 million per year in uncollected tax.

Under current regulations foreign vehicles visiting the country must be registered with the DVLA once they have been in the UK for six months. After that time vehicles must be taxed, insured and undergo an MOT, if older than three years. But despite the UK Border Force gathering details of every non-UK vehicle entering and leaving the country, the information was not then used by the DVLA to check foreign vehicles, according to the RAC.

Some untaxed cars may also not have a valid MOT certificate or have valid insurance, the motoring group added.

Boston Labour Councillors argued for Recommendation 4 in the Social Impact of Population Change in Boston Report as we felt that the registration of foreign vehicles was a major issue.

We believe that it is an issue that needs to be resolved quickly, but sadly the government just keeps telling us they are going to do something about it. We believe it is an issue about fairness and transparency, and that all vehicles that enter the UK should be able to show they are taxed and insured, and if they stay here longer than six months they should conform to the UK regulations for registration of vehicles. We will continue to campaign locally, regionally and nationally and we endorse the RAC’s campaign for fair motoring in the UK.

Boston Labour Councillors