LETTER: Gridlock showed that we need a bypass


Interesting isn’t it that our county council say that Boston, the county’s second largest town, does not need a bypass, while towns like Crowland in the south of the county has two!

Let’s face up to the facts that when one main road, the A16 one mile from the town centre, is closed for more than three hours, the whole town is completely gridlocked.

This would be completely unacceptable in Lincoln wouldn’t it?

Before the last local election the Conservatives put up a poster at Burton Corner which said: ‘What did the Bypass Party do for you, no bypass’. Well, we still need a bypass, as one road accident has told us.

I am not a politician, but what have the current council done for us: no bypass.

What other town suffers like Boston does when one road into the town has an accident? Because of the drains and rivers in the area, the whole town comes to a standstill. Investment must be put at risk.

At least the Quadrant development has a part of a relief road. A start, but only a start, far more is needed.

Can these councillors imagine what it must have been like on Friday trying to get an ambulance through the town to Pilgrim Hospital with all roads blocked?

I am told that shops and businesses suffered with few people in town that Friday afternoon. Doctors and dentist appointments missed.

It appears to me that the local authorities have been far too complacent and this area deserves a lot better treatment from both local councils and government.

Why would anyone want to create employment opportunities in Boston with this poor infrastructure? It must also affect the coastal traders. Imagine travelling for a holiday at Butlins and sitting in Boston for an hour or more.

Not good enough . . . Boston residents and businesses deserves better.

Tony Goor