LETTER: Heartfelt thanks to Pilgrim Hospital


On Saturday, November 22, I had to ring 111 for my wife Alison and a paramedic soon arrived.

He did a lot of thorough tests and arranged for an ambulance to take her to A&E at Pilgrim Hospital, where she had more tests and was looked after very well.

She was later transferred to the CCU ward where the care and medical attention was wonderful.

The next day another transfer to ward 7B. Again, I have nothing but praise for the staff of this ward who were tremendous in the way they treated Alison.

Whilst everything possible was done for Alison, she sadly passed away very peacefully on Friday, November 28.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all these dedicated, caring people.

The NHS and Pilgrim Hospital are not always bad!

Arthur Jessop