Letter: Hike in ‘cumbersome VAT tax’ is just the start of new year woes

IT WAS the Labour Government’s enormous and reckless financial incompetence, which took this country to the brink of bankruptcy.

It was their utter lack of control over the banks and financial sectors, together with their undemocratic patronage excesses, which has left this country in such a financial mess.

Sadly the Conservative Party-led Coalition Government, has enforced their real New Year resolutions on the people of Boston.

It leads with an historic, record-breaking 20 per cent VAT.

Introduced in Britain in 1973 at a standard rate of just 10 per cent, this cumbersome tax is quite unfair.

The people of Boston, pensioners, those earning the national minimum wage, those on low wages and even the 2,500,000 unemployed, pay exactly the same rate of VAT as the billionaires, millionaires, financiers, bankers and even the ‘poor’ MPs.

For the wealthy in Boston, and the much larger numbers elsewhere in the country, to pay 20 per cent of VAT rated items to the Conservative Government’s Exchequer is one thing – though it may be that their company pays their tax, or if a MP the tax can be claimed back as part of their expenses – thus the ordinary taxpayer will pay the tax yet again!

Regrettably, this is just the beginning of the Government’s imposed austerity measures.

More tax rises, price rises, massive cuts in services, raging inflation, wage cuts, job cuts, unemployment and the lack of social stability are all on the cards!

I assume, that this is what the Conservative Lib Dem Government mean when they say, ‘we are all in this together’!


Boston Bypass Independents