LETTER: Hospital gave me an excellent service


Having been in need of medical treatment twice within six days, I would like to add a positive account of my experiences of the Pilgrim Hospital to recent letters written to the Boston Standard.

The first occasion was for me on a Sunday. I live in London and in need of advice regarding an eye ‘infection’.

On arrival at A&E the waiting area was awash with ‘callers’. But having been told the waiting was up to five hours, I was sent ‘through the triage’ (a worrying title, if I may say!) where I was seen by an excellent nurse who immediately spotted my plight and was whisked off to see an equally excellent doctor.

I spent a little over one hour at the hospital.

The second was to call on the services of a paramedic for my mother (97 years old).

The call for help was made at 15.15 and the very capable paramedic, Ross Noble, arrived at 15.40!

Diagnosis was made, mother thoroughly checked for EVERYTHING possible and all was well!

Please keep printing, at the very least, an equal number of positive/negative experiences on your pages!

Further to the above account, I could add many words discussing the need for all those waiting to be in A&E and their behaviour towards staff! Better I close here!

Ann Evison

via e-mail