LETTER: I can’t help feeling Boston’s heading on the wrong road

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

As in many towns, sadly some of my favourite stores including HMV, Jessops and Clintons have now closed.

So I took a walk through Boston Central Park to see the wildlife, not the caged birds, but the drunks desperately trying to find a way out through the park railings. Boston may have little to offer in the form of live entertainment but the drunk negotiating the small hedge like it was Becher’s Brook was pure slapstick, side splitting theatre and a must for all families. After taking a crashing stumble, unlike the horses, he steadily rose to try all over again.

Parked in the Market Place a traffic warden immediately pounced and offered me a game of hide and seek and the chance to lose £35. The traffic warden at once asked if I could seek a cleverly disguised footpath. After three guesses I gave up. Bizarrely I was parked on it. Silly me. I guess I should have left my car, paid my fee, taken the mandatory 20 minutes to deduce from The Market Place Parking Map that there were no legal parking spaces free, and return to my car to collect my parking fine.

Excitedly, I took a stroll along the cleverly disguised footpath and got run over by a bus, well very nearly, then a BMW, then a mobility scooter. Having reached the other side I slumped against the empty Millets store and marvelled at the Stump, and the number of illegally parked cars.

Collecting my thoughts, I thought of the slippery path Lincolnshire football teams are currently on. Maybe time to merge United, City and Trinity and collectively a competitive mid-table Conference team may emerge, and so might my very dusty season ticket holder.

Without doubt this once proud market town still has much to offer. Traditional market stalls, West End Cinema, Oldrids department store, M&S and the excellent Holland House Dental Practice.

Yet I can’t help feeling Boston’s on the wrong path and the majority of Boston people deserve better.

Andy Cross