LETTER: I don’t feel welcome or safe in Central Park


I am writing to you to express my worries about our park in town.

It was not a bad Sunday, so my huband and I decided to take our two-year-old son to the park.

As we arrived, the first thing we saw was a man urinating under a tree.

He was one of four guys sitting on a bench and drinking something more than an unalcoholic drink. We looked around to see if there were any park officers around but unfortunately not.

An hour later when we decided to walk back through the park (surprise surprise!) another guy from the same group was also urinating. Still not a sign of anybody in the park to tell.

How is it that on a Sunday, when lots of families with children or unsupervised children are spending time at the park something like that can happen?

People urinating in plain sight 50 yards from the children’s play area and public toilet!

Yes, there is a sign on the gate, that the park is monitored and you have to pay a penalty when you dont clean after your dog. But what fines are there for people who are doing such disgusting things during daylight? And there is nobody to deal with it.

I did think for a second to say something but I would not risk the safety of my son confronting alcoholics.

After today’s situation I do not feel welcome and safe in this town’s public park.

Magdalena Eede

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