LETTER: I’m embarrassed to say I’m British

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This summer for the first time in my life I actual felt proud to be British - The Olympics, The Jubilee, Andy Murray, Bradley Wiggins.

However, that has been quashed with the story of the immigration protest in Boston. I am now embarrassed to say I am British and as for living in the town of Boston I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about that.

I am really not sure what Mr Everitt and his cronies intend to achieve – does he think David Cameron will sit up and say ‘they’re protesting in Boston, let’s leave the EU!’ Hardly!

How about focusing the time and energy into organising something that will actually benefit the town such as a jobs fair? He seems to have failed to consider quite a lot of points:

○ There are jobs in this town. I work for a company that has more than 70 vacancies and is around 10 miles from Boston but it is factory work and in my experience few English people want this menial work which they feel that they are above doing. The real issue is that benefits pay and while this is the case people won’t work for nothing. That isn’t the work ethic we have in England.

○ Organising this protest will only deepen the divides in this community it won’t actually achieve anything; tensions will only increase and that is the last thing we need.

○ The cost of the policing of the event – again, money that could be better spent.

○ The benefits the migrant workers bring to the town – they spend money, they pay rent, they buy houses, they pay council tax.

I understand there is a feeling of ‘why did they all descend on Boston?’ – but there is work here; work on the land and work in the factories – work that wouldn’t be fulfilled without the migrants.

I have a personal interest in this story –my boyfriend is Lithuanian. Until I knew him I was probably as ignorant as others about their culture and why they come here but over the last few years I have seen what their country has to offer for them in terms of work and earnings. He has been here for almost eight years and has worked his way up in the place he works and now has a very good job. He hasn’t stolen it, he’s earned it.


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