LETTER: I preferred the old Market Place layout

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It turns out that the new Market Place design was unsurprisingly not wanted or approved by the people of Boston.

The council of course did a survey to try to justify the silly, dangerous and wasteful open area, but it is so flawed I can’t believe that intelligent people did not realise.

The council used an accepted statistical formula that stated that 391 people in Boston could be considered as representative of the total population, and Boston did have just over that number.

But they were not for what we have now got. Out of all the thousands of people of Boston 24 voted for less parking while 24 voted for more parking but on top of that the questions were loaded against more parking by having another response of only 56 for less parking. So two different answers for less parking but only one for more parking, and no question for leave it as it is. We don’t know who these responses are from, day visitors, tourists, car drivers, bus users or taxi drivers?

The reason given for wanting reduced parking was for the benefit of pedestrians but the new Market Place with cars flying round trying to find one of the few remaining spaces is terrifying for pedestrians.

The bulk of the survey was concerned with the two market days, disabled parking, trees and shrubs, seating, access to the Ingram Memorial, children’s activities and pavement cafes and now the council want to put lots of modern planters in a large circle from KFC and enclosing the Ingram Memorial, to make absolutely sure no extra shoppers get to park.

Personally, I preferred the old market design, it was safer and more practical.

Joe Nash