LETTER: I thought North Sea Camp was only supposed to be for low-risk prisoners?

Am I totally wrong about the categories of prisoners held in North Sea Camp?

I thought it only housed low-risk persons, or those rehabilitated enough to be near to release. This is why they are allowed the freedom to come and go into Boston.

Now we read, through your pages, that the recently-escaped prisoner Ivan Leach is considered ‘a dangerous and predatory individual’, ‘violent’ and ‘should not be approached’.

What if this acknowledged dangerous man had wanted cash, clothes or a car immediately he escaped? Do we have to accept this risk as the Home Office have said he’s mild enough to wander our streets? Either he’s a pussycat or a predator - make up your minds so that we living in the area may feel secure in our homes, as is our right.

Hopefully our MP Mark Simmons will be raising this question with both the Home Secretary and the Governor of NSC.

Fearful of Fishtoft